Fake GPS Pokemon go for Android and PC

By | April 6, 2018

Fake GPS Pokemon go app is the best app to use among the friends and families to make more fun. By using this application, people can prank anyone by sitting in one place. We all know that the social networking site shows the location of your position once you upload the status or phones. Some of the people often treat the others by doing prank at any time. For those people, this is the best application to work and make an impact on the others. So without flying from your place to another location can prank your friends.

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How to use Pokémon Go with Fake GPS ?

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Fake GPS Pokemon go

We all know that the Pokémon becomes more popular than we imagine. But for the information, the game has banned over many countries especially in the US. The game reaches the peak in just one night. On the other side, people got addicted madly to the game which leads to an accident. It is the main reason the western countries banned this Pokémon GO from playing. But here the case is different and we can use this Fake GPS app for Pokemon Go. People can prank their friends by changing the GPS settings like the US. At that time, everyone feels that how the friend is playing the banned game in the US.

Fake GPS Pokemon go For Android mobile

This Fake GPS go apk supports to Android devices and iOS. It is available in the PlayStore which consumes very less memory from your mobile. First of all, you have to change the settings in GPS mode like what location you want to prefer anytime. After that, it gets to start to show the fake location and do prank your friends. It shows it is one of the best application to prank and for more fun. Make sure that before downloading the application whether the devices have the enough memory or not.  Fake GPS Pokemon go is very useful app which comes with various features. Playstore link here where you can check this app.

How to download and install Fake GPS ?

Fake GPS app Android is known as the simple user interface. People must be aware of this application that how to download and install on their devices. Still, some of the people may feel very tough to download and install on their devices. For those people, here we are sharing the procedure and steps to download on install. They are

  1. The user must visit the Google PlayStore
  2. Once it is clicked, the app will start to download.
  3. After downloading on your device, it will take few seconds to install on devices.
  4. Now finally it is ready to use on your Android devices.

Download Fake GPS app for iOS, MAC

The same steps of the Android devices during the downloading process will work iOS as well. Here is a small change in downloading the Fake GPS app iOS for iOS device. Especially the user can download the app from the AppStore without jail breaking. Once you click the install, you can easily download the app on your iOS devices. Likewise, the app supports the MAC as well by using the same steps.

Fake GPS Pokémon GO on PC

It is the application which mainly supports the devices like Android as well as iOS. The great game has the best features like to play with a joystick. Fake GPS joystick will show the real experience of playing the game with effortless. It also has the great visuals which are mainly working with the GPS locations. But unfortunately this crazy game is banned in the US. The people who want to play the Pokémon GO using the fake GPS Pokemon Go on a wider screen can download on PC. There are some of the primary procedures and steps to download and install on your PC.

Fake GPS for Pokemon go apk Using BlueStacks

People must be aware of some steps to download the app on their PC. One cannot easily download and install the app easily on their PC without any required emulator. The Android emulator helps the user to download mobile apps and games at any time. For the information, BlueStacks is the best android emulator to install first on PC. Some of the main steps to download and install on your PC are

  1. People must search the BlueStacks link for download.
  2. Once you find the Android emulator click the link.
  3. It will automatically redirect the page to download the emulator.
  4. Now the emulator download is complete on your PC.
  5. Then the setup for the BlueStacks will be stored in your folder.
  6. Find and click the install button to store on your PC.
  7. Now it is ready to use on your system.

Android Apps on PC

By using the BlueStacks, any user can download and install the Android apps on PC. The BlueStacks Android emulator plays the vital role for using the Android apps and great games. It consumes very less memory to store the BlueStacks. Once the Android emulator is download user can download any of the apps and games by searching in the search bar. It is very similar to the Android devices, but here you will view on the wider screen. Thus the emulator is said to be the best emulator to download and install on your system.

Pokémon GO Fake GPS

Now the user can easily download the game Fake GPS with joystick for Pokemon go on your computer. It is a simple user interface where the people can play the game like an Android device. People can also change the settings of GPS like the US or some other banned countries. It will help you to prank your friends at any time. Enjoy the visual delight of a game on the wider screen and feel the real top gearing experience.


People who are all downloaded the Fake GPS Pokemon go locator may feel very comfortable to use. It is very simple to install on your Android devices as well as the PC. We shared above all the steps and methods for the people to understand clearly at any time. People without knowing to download the app on your devices and PC can follow the above steps. It is an amazing prank app for the people to tease and make fun for all the time. The only steps are to change the settings until the GPS enables.


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