Fake GPS Location spoofer 4.7 APK | latest version

By | August 14, 2017

Generally, when coming to prank the friends, we used to prank with many apps to some extent. But most of the things will click big time for sure. Likewise, there are an enormous number of apps available in the store. Let’s check out that what is the app will tickle with most fun up to some extent. People who all are seeking for a long time to work with some cool apps, here it is for them. It is none another than Fake GPS location spoofer 4.7 APK. With this amazing application, you can easily make fun of anybody.

About fake gps go location spoofer apk

Fake GPS location spoofer 4.7 APK

Fake GPS location spoofer 4.7 APK

This is the application that entertains you for all the time. Sometimes, you can also prank your friends by saying that you are out of the city. This simple app helps you to show any Fake city like that you live there with Google location as well. It is such a crazy thing to follow right. If you are looking for a prank for a long time, then fake GPS location spoofer pro is the best solution. When coming to download this application, it consumes very less memory as well on your device.

Features of fake GPS go location spoofer pro apk

As we all know that this application has many amazing features to check. People who all are wanted to apply to know about some crazy stuff of this app can follow here. Hope it will be useful for the users to go ahead for the best prank.

  1. Mock locations

It is the easy way for the users to mock the locations and prank any of their friends. Yes, by just entering the settings and change the options as per instruction, you can fake your location. By just sitting at home, you can update your status as “California”.

  1. Play Pokemon GO

This GPS enabled game is one of the most popular games. When coming to play this game, you need to change the location, if your country has banned this game. By changing the location, you play your favorite game to find Pokemon’s collection.

  1. Supports Android versions

If you are looking for this fake gps go location spoofer pro apk to download, then it will largely support in Android version Smartphone devices. The important thing is, it is free to download on all the devices.

  1. Consumes low memory

During the period of the downloading process, it consumes very low memory. Also, while using this application, it also doesn’t carry the memory for game level storage on your device.

  1. Change any locations

While using this Fake GPS Location spoofer 4.7 APK, you can change any locations. Yes, you can change any location as per your convenience. All you just need to visit the settings and change the location. So that it will get involved with GPS location.

These are some of the interesting features that you should know before going to download this app. Hope it will excite you more while started to using this application on your phone.

How to download and installation process?

Before getting into the downloading zone, you need to be an alert of knowing about the downloading and installation process. So, people who all are seeking for the steps for a long time, you can check out the simple steps that given below.

Steps to follow

  1. First of all, when coming to download this app, a user should visit fake GPS apk mirror. Here you can download this app for free.
  2. By following the above-given step, you need to search for the latest version of apk file and click the link to download.
  3. Make sure about the storage space before downloading the application.
  4. Now go to the settings, and disable the location then proceed with GPS only to set the fake location.
  5. Finally, you are now ready to use this app for the best prank to execute with your friends.

Fake GPS pro Pokemon go

As we all know that this application is mainly using for the game as well. If you are playing the GPS based game, then it needs the location to enable. Unfortunately, Pokemon game has been blocked by several countries to download and play. This is the main purpose for this downloading this amazing application. Yes, by downloading this app, you can check your location; if your country blocked Pokemon go. Also, the app works as a joystick to play this game. It will also give you definitely the great experience while playing this amazing and exciting game.

Supports alternate games

It is the app not only supporting the Pokemon go game, but also support all the GPS enabled games. As we mentioned earlier, this application is only supporting the Android version. If you are looking for the PC version, this app will support without any difficulties. All you just need is the android emulator to download this application on your PC.

Android emulator

For information, there are many Android emulators are available in the web market to download. Among those emulators, there is an emulator which is largely using by the people across the globe is BlueStacks. By downloading this application, you can download any of the android apps on your PC.  Before downloading this emulator, you need to check out the memory space on your PC and then allow downloading.  After the process of installation, you can open the emulator and start to download the latest Fake GPS location spoofer pro 4.8 apk.

Fake GPS location spoofer 4.7 APK i

If you are a player to play this great game at least once a day, then this will be the best spoof. There are an enormous number of apps available for the download. However, Fake GPS location spoofer 4.7 APK is always the best in terms of executing the outcome at the end.  For the best experience in terms of playing the game, you need to download this app. We all know that this application also helps to prank your friends

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