10 best free GPS spoofer apps for android

By | September 25, 2017

10 best free GPS spoofer apps for android: GPS Spoofer is just like a GPS device generates the fake GPS signal like the real one. Through this you can hide your location on GPS, here the GPS spoofer app plays an important role. There are plenty of fake GPS apps available on the online websites which help to hide your original location. Using fake GPS location will provide a lot of benefits directly and indirectly for the people who come online. Here we listed some best GPS spoofer android apps to hide your location from your friends, family members, and others.

Sometimes people from different countries, locations are not allowed to access few things due to the restrictions. But the same things can be accessible by another people. To access those restricted apps, games, pages and much more on your device you need to change your location. In this case, fake GPS apps help you to change your GPS location without changing the reallocation.

10 best free GPS Spoofer apps

best free GPS Spoofer apps

best free GPS Spoofer apps


It’s one of the best free GPS spoofer Apk app to change the current location easily without any trouble. It helps you to prank your friends and family members. Fly GPS is very simple to use; you have to press the option which you have chosen before a fake location. You will be shown on the pressed fake GPS location immediately on android device.

Fake GPS Location

It’s easy and faster to update the fake GPS location on your Android device. Fake GPS location app is one of the best GPS apps for Pokemon go game. The activation and deactivation of Fake GPS location are often done to change your device location. We all know that Pokemon goes game played only in limited countries. It was developed such a way by the developers to restrict the use of people from other than the specified location.


Using FPGS, you can change your location without any trouble. It stores the current and previous searched locations for change the GPS location with one touch. This is best fake GPS app for iPhone and Android.


Mockation is just like all other GPS spoofer app which comes up with ads free. You can use this fake GPS app on your android device and utilize the features available. In recent times this app is rated as best GPS spoofer android Pokemon go app. From this app, you can play Pokemon go game anywhere in the world.

Location spoofer

It easily spoofs the location of the device and locates the other place. This is the best GPS spoofer apk which supports Android platform.

Location mockup-fake and share

It just blocks the current GPS location and provides the fake location. The wireless and satellite location to be blocked and fake location indicated on your device to get the benefits from various spots. This is the Fake GPS location spoofer free app used in many Android devices.

Fake GPS location pro

Fake GPS location pro app is used for changing the location of the moving course which continuously changes the location with latitude and longitude. So it is the best GPS spoofer Pokemon go game. Pokemon goes game requires GPS location to play the game on your android device.

Mock GPS pro

It seems a better GPS app for changing the location with the map-based interface. You can use this app for playing the Pokemon go game in android phones. The best fake GPS app with a joystick is used to play games and use various applications on your device with the fake GPS location. It helps in these kinds of situations to experience the unavailable features.

Fake GPS

Using this fake GPS app, you can use any apps, games, and sites by enabling the fake GPS location through this app. It has the feature of a turn on and off the fake GPS location at any time. This is best GPS spoofer android app for using various functions.

Mock locations

It’s another fake GPS location generator app for android. It will send out the mock locations for the receiver and blackouts the original locations. You can use this app for playing the Pokemon go game from your device. So it also called as best GPS spoofer Pokemon go game.

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